Request the guest at the Railway

Tuesday 15 March 2016

Adam at the Railway is asking for suggestions from CAMRA members, for guest Beers for April from a list of Breweries he can now access. Here is the list, Railway Beer Choice - April but time is limited due to the dateline for ordering.

His Guest list for March is already confirmed as below... Arriving in the Cellar in March are:

Lymestone Brewery - Pounamu
Downton Brewery - Mad Hare
B&T - Mad Hatter
Wold Top Brewery - Spring Fling
Eight Sail - Flour Power
Welbeck Abbey - Watermeadows
Bad Co Brewery - Comfortably Numb
Clarkshaw's - Gorgons Alive

Also he will be having a special event for the Boat Race: In time for The Varsity Boat Race he has lined up a 'BEER Boat RACE' Oxford Vs Cambridge due to hit the bar on Wednesday 23rd - see Which Beer 'Sinks' the Quickest and Sails Out First.